The Belmont

Fast Track Selections June 6th, 1998.

Well two out of three ain't bad!

Looks like we fell prey to the gambler's biggest enemy -- Wishful Thinking.

Congratulations to VICTORY GALLOP who proved us wrong in trying to write his late charge out of the race! -- June 7th

Here's what we said about the Belmont:

Here's how we see the Belmont developing (maybe, more or less):

From the start Yarrow Brae, Grand Slam and Basic Trainee will be among the early leaders. Real Quiet will settle into an easier spot than in the Preakness, several lengths off the pace. This time Victory Gallop will save himself for a one run shot and will be a few lengths back of Real Quiet. Limit Out, who may be the surprise horse, and Classic Cat will be in the neighbourhood of Real Quiet.

This will remain fairly constant down the backstretch although Classic Cat or Limit Out may make an early move. Those two along with Real Quiet and Victory Gallop will all be trying to make their presences felt with a move at or near the beginning of the last turn.

Around the turn and heading into the stretch Real Quiet will open up a short lead, being chased by the other three and Yarrow Brae who gamely tries to hang in there. Down the stretch Real Quiet will never be seriously challenged and will open up a bit of a margin by the wire. Victory Gallop will tire leaving second and third to Classic Cat, Yarrow Brae and Limit Out with the former probably edging out the latter two for Place. Show is too close to call. Possibility that Grand Slam may also be nearby at the end.

Long Shots:

Limit Out may be a long shot possibility if he can actually handle this distance. Also watch the price on Raffie's Majesty and Classic Cat who may be overlooked. Yarrow Brae may be one who can hang on off a good race and decent workout pattern.

Quick Picks:	Real Quiet		Classic Cat		Limit Out
Pace Profile:	Limit Out		Real Quiet		Victory Gallop
Spud Says:	Real Quiet		Classic Cat
Long Shots:	Yarrow Brae		Raffie's Majesty
CONSENSUS:	Real Quiet(8)		Classic Cat(4)		Limit Out(4)
								Victory Gallop(1)

                        Rtg      ML      LR      EP      LP     FTS                                
Real Quiet              +++	 6-5	106   	110      96     106 
Classic Cat             ++	15-1	103   	109      95     104 
Limit Out               +-	10-1	105   	102     102     104
Victory Gallop          ++	 7-2	104   	117      85     103 
Yarrow Brae             +	20-1	104   	107      96     103 
Raffie's Majesty        +	20-1	102   	100     102     102 
Grand Slam              +	 6-1	100   	104      96     100 
Hanuman Highway-IR      	30-1	 94   	103      94     100 
Parade Ground           	20-1	 98   	101      99     100 
Chilito                 	30-1	 94   	105      95     100 
Hot Wells               	30-1	100   	107      92      99
Thomas Jo               	30-1	 98   	 99     100      99
Basic Trainee           	50-1	 86   	111      82      93